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This is a list of my previous failures and successions, and a Bit About What Makes Me Tick. My life has been  a massive emotional roller coaster. Everything Between OwningACar/OwningAnotherCar/OwningHouse/OwningAnotherCarAgain/Marriage/OwningHomeAgain/HelpingWithKids/NewCarAgain/FailingWithKids/FamilyDeath/Divorce/(Vices/quitting vices/starting vices again)/opiates/weed/alcohol/nicotine/caffeine/cocaine/shrooms/destruction/fights/OwnedAnotherHouse/arguments/huge social groups/hiding away/witnessed suicide/abortion of my child/attempted suicide/evilthoughts/300+lbs/fakeexpression/emptiness/BoughtAnotherHouseAgain/compulsive exercise disorder/IllegalDrugsKicked/HabitsCurved/$15,000EquipmentBought/OwnerOf N.P.O./Learned:Drums,Recording,Mixing,MasteringETC/LearnedWebsiteConstruction/HavingSocialMedias/. If it's possible to Fail or succeed chances are I HAVE accomplished BOTH! My body has went through MANY wrong ways of doing things and I have realized DAMN NEAR ANYTHING is capable of coming back from. To Quote on of the Most Successful Q.B.'s of All time "I Believe Things Are Learned Better The Hard Way" John Elway. Find your PASSION. Love your Neighbor. Care for YOURSELF like you TRY to care for others. It is going to be OK! These are the things My company Strives to perform. We Offer a Free and 

Lasting Advertisement Package to Employees in Small Town Businesses and Their Owners. This Encourages the Employer to Upgrade their Business and Hire. This allows for More Jobless People Falling on Hard Times a Reason to Seek and Maintain Work. We Offer A Reason To Maintain That Job. Future Benefits Happen For ALL Businesses Participating! Upon Company Closing their will be a second distribution of ALL FUNDS My Company has Generated Through Your Donations Across my 100% Donation Platform! Please Help Me Feel Worthy. Please Let's Make A Difference for Our Lower Middle Class. Thank You For Taking Your Time On My Site. Thank You For Being Here. Thank You For Making A Difference @

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