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FlippedNormals Crimson Ronin PBR Character Creation For Games [UPDATED]

WHO SHOULD ENROLI have designed this course for beginner level students and artists who want to learn the complete pipeline that we use to create a character for games. However if you already know the basics i am sure you can learn a lot of useful tips and tricks along the way. In this course i will be using Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4, so be sure to have all of them installed to follow properly.

FlippedNormals Crimson Ronin PBR Character Creation for Games

In this tutorial we will walk through the creation of mech/robot character within zBrush! The overall process took around 4 days, and the video was edited down to 6 hours of fully voice footage. The tutorial is separated into sections which cover the initial blockout, refining, cleaning up, detailing, matID and render stages. I hope by the end of the tutorial you will have learned something new to add to your knowledge, whether is the tools and techniques used or better understanding of the overall workflow. This tutorial is aimed at someone who already has a basic understanding of zbrush, but there is an extra video which goes over and explains some tools and brushes in real-time.There are also a few extras included, such as a few alpha maps that can be useful, UI which is seen in the tutorial and custom metal Material.Watch online or Download for Free00_Overview01_BrushesAndTools02_Concept03_Refining04a_KitBash04_Separation05_CleanUp06_FinalChanges07_FineDetails08_MatID09_Render 350c69d7ab


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